Castor Farming For Sustainable Agriculture And Livelihoods


The project aims to introduce and promote specific sustainable agriculture practices in castor farming to improve the livelihoods of local farmers and conserve the environment, with a focus on underutilized land in Chitwan. Its goal is to minimize soil degradation and erosion while maximizing agricultural productivity through the adoption of environmentally friendly techniques, primarily zero tillage, bio-pesticides, and bio-weedicides.
Furthermore, the project seeks to enhance the socio-economic conditions of small-scale farmers and landowners in the project area. By developing the market potential of castor farming and providing training and support, the project aims to increase income opportunities, reduce poverty, and improve food security for the local farming community.
Through focused efforts in castor farming and the application of sustainable agricultural techniques, the project aims to bring about positive and lasting change in the Chure region and the underutilized land of Chitwan.

Project Goal

"Youth Movement for Sustainable Agriculture"

We aim to promote sustainable agriculture practices in Castor farming to improve the livelihoods of local farmers and conserve the environment


Increased adoption of sustainable castor farming practices
Enhanced income and livelihoods for participant farmers
Enhanced environment through sustainable agricultural practices
Strengthened market linkages for castor farmers


Establishment of 10 demonstration plots (Agronomy field of Agriculture and Forestry University) for castor farming to serve as practical learning resources.
Training to approximately 100 farmers on sustainable castor farming practices in the suburbs of Bharatpur Metropolitan City , Chitwan.
Implementation of sustainable farming techniques, including organic pest control and water-efficient irrigation, by trained farmers.
Establishment of market linkages in Chitwan for participating farmers, facilitating access to reliable markets and better prices.
Documentation and sharing of best practices, lessons learned, and success stories for wider knowledge dissemination