Mind Matters

Empowering Minds, Transforming Lives: Promoting Mental Health for a Brighter Future


Mind Matters is a community-driven initiative focused on fostering mental health awareness and support within vulnerable communities in Myanmar. Through a series of engaging workshops and awareness programs, we equip young leaders with essential self-advocacy skills, empowering them to be mental health champions within their communities. Our online dialogues provide a safe space for individuals to share personal stories and learn from mental health experts. The project embraces indigenous knowledge and holistic therapeutic approaches to promote self-expression and emotional well-being. By empowering individuals, promoting resilience, and enhancing mental health literacy, we can positively impact well-being and empower communities to thrive.

Project Goal

To empower and enhance the well-being of youths and orphans in Myanmar by integrating leadership and principles and indigenous knowledge.

Objectives and Major Activities

Develop leadership skills among the project team and beneficiaries
Integrate indigenous knowledge for culturally sensitive mental health interventions
Improve mental health literacy and well-being outcomes for youths and orphans
Foster sustainable practices and community engagement


Maung Kyaw Tin
May Myat Moe Saw
Naw Freedar Win
Shoon Lae Aung
Su Hlaing Kyaw