Ihsan Ramadhan
Ihsan Ramadhan

Ihsan Ramadhan, With a strong educational foundation in management, he holds a Bachelor's degree in Management from the Faculty of Economics and Business. His passion extends beyond academics, as he has actively participated in the economic sector of his community. Currently, he runs a business in the agricultural sector and spearheads a project on community economic development. He is also the founder of a community organization.

OMLAS Project
His initiative focuses on empowering entrepreneurs through digital marketing strategies. He envisions a program that supports entrepreneurs in marketing and selling their products by utilizing social media and e-commerce platforms to reach target markets and potential customers. His project will focus on SDG 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth.

The project will leverage the combined efforts of volunteers and entrepreneurs. The project aims to act as a bridge between these two groups, facilitating collaboration. He will train volunteers to enhance their leadership skills and equip them to apply their digital marketing expertise effectively. This ensures that they can offer the most valuable assistance to entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs, in turn, will receive training in business development, with a particular focus on digital marketing strategies. This will equip them with the knowledge and skills necessary to grow their businesses. The project is planned to implement in West Sumatera, Indonesia.