Empowering Youth for Sustainable Growth


"Skillistan is an innovative project empowering youth with essential skills for a sustainable and prosperous future. It plans to provide training on sustainability skills and complement them with income-generating skills, and 21st-century competencies. Skillistan's comprehensive curriculum and interactive workshops will cover a wide range of areas, including environmental stewardship, digital marketing, entrepreneurship, leveraging AI, and more. By fostering a culture of lifelong learning and collaboration, Skillistan equips young individuals with the knowledge and tools to drive positive change in their communities. This transformative journey of skill development and youth empowerment will leverage the power of Volunteer Trainers, use a ToT Approach, and deliver training in Offline, Online, and Hybrid settings across Pakistan.

Project Goal

The Goal is to equip Pakistani youth to be agents of long-lasting change, through education, skill development, mentorship, and a route to become Trainers.

The initiative aims to use digital platforms to spread knowledge, encourage behaviour change towards sustainability, and generate a multiplier impact by using a Train-the-Trainers methodology.


To equip participants with Income-generating skills relevant to modern job markets, enabling them to create sustainable livelihoods
To provide sustainability education to 2000+ youth participants, fostering a culture of sustainability and promoting lifelong learning.
To train a core group of sustainability ambassadors who will serve as workshop facilitators and mentors, creating a cascading effect of knowledge and skill development.
To leverage digital platforms, including a dedicated YouTube channel and Social Media outreach, to amplify the project's message and reach a broader audience.
To engage and reward volunteers based on their performance and impact, ensuring their continued commitment and motivation.


Increased awareness and understanding of sustainability principles and practices among 2000+ participants and the wider community.
Enhanced income-generating skills and entrepreneurial capacity among participants, enabling them to access sustainable livelihood opportunities.
Strengthened capacity of sustainability ambassadors as workshop facilitators and mentors, creating a sustainable network of trainers for future initiatives.
Increased reach and engagement through digital platforms, inspiring behavior change and promoting sustainable practices to a wider audience.
Improved motivation and retention of volunteers through a reward mechanism, fostering a dedicated and passionate team for sustained impact.