One Million Leaders Asia Fellowship Program 2024
Fellows of the week
Ade Damayanti
Ade Damayanti (Damay)

Ade Damayanti (Damay), an empowerment leader and podcast producer, values learning through meeting new friends. Since 2015, she's played a key role in Indonesia's energy movement, emphasizing renewable energy sustainability and community empowerment. In the past five years, she has tirelessly explored remote areas across Indonesian islands, such as Sumatera, Sulawesi, Kalimantan, and East Nusa.


Hira Khalil
Hira Khalil

Hira Khalil, a dynamic Media and Communication Professional from Pakistan, champions sustainability, climate activism, and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for a greener future. Passionate about empowering youth in climate-affected areas, she advocates for feminist leadership, gender mainstreaming, and entrepreneurship to foster prosperity. Hira is committed to shaping a fair, harmonious, prosperous, and equitable society for generations to come.


Lokendra Khatri
Lokendra Khatri

Lokendra Khatri is an enthusiastic undergraduate dedicated to advancing agricultural knowledge and sustainability. Currently, he is actively participating in learning and practicing leadership development as an OMLAS Fellow with One Million Leaders Asia Fellowship Program. Serving as a Network Coordinator at Nepalese Youth for Climate Action in Baitadi, he has led environmental awareness initiatives.


M Akbar Indonesia
Muhammad Akbar

Muhammad Akbar is a graduate of Arabic Literature and is currently working as a village development trainer. He has been involved in the field of education since 2016 through volunteer activities, serving as a facilitator, mentor, and trainer. He is the founder of the Hasil Desa organization, which aims to provide a forum for village development.


Prerana Shrestha
Prerana Shrestha

Prerana Shrestha is an aspiring sustainability practitioner, currently pursuing her Bachelor’s Degree in Agriculture Science from the Institute of Agriculture and Animal Science, Nepal. She is also engaged as a Campus Ambassador at Sustainability Week Kathmandu. With a strong interest in sustainability issues and a commitment to learning, she is eager to contribute her skills and passion to address pressing global challenges such as climate change.


Shravani Nemant Mangeshkar

Shravani Nemant Mangeshkar, passionate about biodiversity and have a strong background in life sciences research. She has always aimed to bridge the gap between research and conservation efforts, striving to make a tangible impact on environmental sustainability.


OMLAS Alumni & Projects

Sarad Pokhrel

Sarad Pokhrel, from Lumbini, Nepal, possesses an educational background in Plant Pathology, Apiculture and Agroecology. Throughout his academic journey, he has developed a profound interest in conducting research and engaging in extension activities focused on the protection of plants.

Read more about his project
Bibi Taifa

Bibi Taifa is from Gilgit Baltistan, Pakistan.She is the first college-going girl in her family and is driven to make a meaningful impact through leadership, entrepreneurship, and education.

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Harrison Palaran

Harison Palaran is an IT professional from the Philippines. He is also dedicated to familiarize youths with ingenuous tribes, culture and tradition in the Philippines. He has dedicated his life to community service. He aspires to expand his services to larger network of youths.

Read more about his project
Zaw Myo hTet

Zaw is an ambitious and environmentally conscious young leader with a passion for sustainable development. Zaw aims to create sustainable value chains and optimize resource utilization, combining his academic achievements with an entrepreneurial mindset.

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Dr. Jian Ming

Dr Jian Ming is from Malaysia. An ardent believer in sustainability, Dr Jian Ming, more affectionately known as Ming, is a passionate traveler, vegan and activist in activities that create local environmental impact.

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Nathaniel Dkar

Nathaniel Dkar is from Meghalaya India. He is a multidisciplinary researcher with the goal of promoting sustainable development, protecting the environment, and empowering marginalized people.

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Dr. Altantuya Ochirkhuyag

Dr. Altantuya Ochirkhuyag is an environmental chemist. She is a full-time researcher at the Mongolian Academy of Science's Institute of Chemistry and Chemical Technology and a lecturer at the National University of Mongolia.

Read more about her project
Sher Shah Khan Bangesh

Sher Shah Khan Bangash is from Pakistan. He is dedicated advocate for sustainable development goals and youth empowerment in Pakistan and the Asia-Pacific region. With a background in development studies and a passion for creating positive change, Sher Shah has established himself as a leader in the field.

Read more about his project
Byambagerel Yondon

Byambagerel is from Mongolia. She specializes in the fields of corporate business analysis, communication, content marketing, and marketing research. She graduated from the University of Economics and Finance in Business administration

Read more about her project
Prajwal Dahal

Prajwal Dahal is a dedicated OMLAS Leader, currently pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Agricultural Science at Agriculture and Forestry University in Chitwan, Nepal.

Read more about his project
Usha Acharya

Usha Acharya is an environmental enthusiast and social worker, holding a Bachelor's degree in Environmental Science. She is dedicated to striking a balance between environmental sustainability and economic viability, striving for innovative solutions to create a better future.

Read more about their project
Sunita Acharya

Sunita Acharya, is from Nepal. She is persuing bachelors degree in agriculture from Agriculture University, Rampur Nepal. She is passionate about sustainable nature based solutions.

OMLAS’s vision is to empower One Million Leaders in Asia by 2030

These Leaders will cultivate a network of sustainable social entrepreneurship and change Asia for future generations.

Asia Vision Map 2030

Created with 120 young Asian leaders in the OMLAS Next Leaders’ Summit 2022 and 18 OMLAS fellows from 2022/23


We envision an Asia where all citizens enjoy a high quality of life and where development is in harmony with the natural environment.

“A continent where women and youth are also active in decision-making and visible in leadership positions, where citizens can exercise freedom of choice, and where inter-generational equity is a cornerstone in society”.


OMLAS aims to transform the lives of people in Asia by connecting, inspiring, and empowering youth. To help realize the Asia Vision 2030, we will provide youth with leadership and social entrepreneurship training tailored to local contexts. We will also create networking opportunities and platforms for young leaders across Asia to implement their social innovation ideas through transparent and participatory mechanisms.

As the OMLAS community, we will not be passive spectators to the Asia Vision 2030. Instead, we will act based on our passion, knowledge, and skills. We will prioritize the voices of youth in Asia and co-create and network with allies across and beyond the continent to achieve our collective goals.

The OMLAS Fellowship Program

OMLAS annually recruits young Asian talents and awards them with an OMLAS Fellowship. They receive a two-month training in aspects such as Transformative Leadership, Sustainability, Social Innovation, and Social Entrepreneurship and are supported in the implementation of Community Projects.

After graduating from the Fellowship Program, Fellows can join the OMLAS Alumni community and continue to work with other young leaders in Asia, Africa, Latin America and MENA (Middle East and North Africa).

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