Byambagerel Yondon

Fellow of the week

Byambagerel specializes in the fields of corporate business analysis, communication, content marketing, and marketing research. She graduated from the University of Economics and Finance in Business administration.
Byambagerel was born in Mongolia and grew up in the smallest administrative unit in the Mongolian countryside. With a combination of urban and rural living experiences, she is involved in many social activities, a member of the Women’s Leadership Network, which aims to empower and advocate for women, and an alumni of the Mongolian Family Welfare Association NGO.
An avid reader of books, Byambagerel is enthusiastic about learning about other cultures, and topics about the world. She believes education is the most powerful change maker. She has professional experience as a book editor and a freelance English translator for Mongolian business management books.
She currently works for a social impact platform that aims to create and develop a space for an easy exchange of knowledge and experience that has a growing user base of lawyers, business consultants, and art and self-development educators.

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OMLAS’s vision is to empower One Million Leaders in Asia by 2030

These Leaders will cultivate a network of sustainable social entrepreneurship and change Asia for future generations.

Asia Vision Map 2030

Created with 120 young Asian leaders in the OMLAS Next Leaders’ Summit 2022 and 18 OMLAS fellows from 2022/23


We envision an Asia where all citizens enjoy a high quality of life and where development is in harmony with the natural environment.

“A continent where women and youth are also active in decision-making and visible in leadership positions, where citizens can exercise freedom of choice, and where inter-generational equity is a cornerstone in society”.


OMLAS aims to transform the lives of people in Asia by connecting, inspiring, and empowering youth. To help realize the Asia Vision 2030, we will provide youth with leadership and social entrepreneurship training tailored to local contexts. We will also create networking opportunities and platforms for young leaders across Asia to implement their social innovation ideas through transparent and participatory mechanisms.

As the OMLAS community, we will not be passive spectators to the Asia Vision 2030. Instead, we will act based on our passion, knowledge, and skills. We will prioritize the voices of youth in Asia and co-create and network with allies across and beyond the continent to achieve our collective goals.

The OMLAS Fellowship Program

OMLAS annually recruits young Asian talents and awards them with an OMLAS Fellowship. They receive a two-month training in aspects such as Transformative Leadership, Sustainability, Social Innovation, and Social Entrepreneurship and are supported in the implementation of Community Projects.

After graduating from the Fellowship Program, Fellows can join the OMLAS Alumni community and continue to work with other young leaders in Asia, Africa, Latin America and MENA (Middle East and North Africa).

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